Why I hate the word Blog

So to kick this off with a couple of trial posts, here is the reason I hate the word BLOG. First, it’s almost a cliche. I mean everyone has a blog, right?

Second, I just hate the word. Who decided to use a word that starts with a BL? A BL? That’s the same as the word BLAH! If you Google the origination of the word itself, it says it is the shortening of the word “weblog.” I don’t even like weblog! Does anyone still call it the web? And we all know what the adolescent in us thinks when they hear the word log. The word (according to Google) dates to the early 90s. That was a really bad time in my life so no wonder I hate the word.

Third, why hasn’t anyone come up with a better word in the almost 20+ years since the early 90s?

“Complaining never makes anything better.” — Anonymous


2 thoughts on “Why I hate the word Blog

  1. mvpinboynton

    Since you have a lot to discuss on a daily basis, the blog format might be good for you. With me, I have nothing to say unless it is a vacation review, so I have played with the webpage format. Not crazy about it yet. But I do know that I will eventually use WordPress for my site. It is the most popular way these days.

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