So my incredible bride thinks I am being grumpy because I keep criticizing my favorite cruise line, Celebrity. We have taken almost 20 cruises on Celebrity, and they have long been our favorite cruise line. They have just launched a new ship, The Edge, that two of our best friends are sailing on in the Caribbean as I write this.

My “brother from another mother” Bob (Kathleen says that’s what we are because we are so much alike) is live-blogging their cruise and I have not been responding to it well. For that reason, I have been designated as, “grumpy.” You can see Bob’s posts by clicking here.  But I don’t think I am being grumpy. I think I am being proactive about my favorite cruise line.

Yesterday Bob got to meet and take a quick selfie with Lisa Lutoff-Perlo (not sure if I spelled that right), the CEO of Celebrity. He was really excited about it. I just asked him if he got a chance to ask her about the problems that X (that’s what long-time Celebrity cruisers call the line because all their ships have HUGE Xs on them) is currently having on all its ships—a qualified crew.

This is such an ongoing thing that I am going to give it a rest today and write about it a lot later on. Not just as it effects Celebrity but the entire cruise industry. And about that, maybe I am grumpy?

“There’s a fine line between angry and grumpy. Angry isn’t nice, but grumpy is funny.”–Rick Wakeman

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  1. Bob Fitzsimmons

    OK so I got this email today and I also got the link off twitter earlier. So you can see my like. Was this sent from inside site or separate by you. ? Good topic. lol. Yes you probably are. and last paragraph wasn’t proof read. Was it? 😀 I’m starting to like gmail moe and more. Might switch alltogether like Mike and my Bro.

    nitey nite.

    1. What I am most happy about is that your comment didn’t need to be moderated, it just went right on to the page. I think I finally figured that out. It is only supposed to have me moderate you one time and then you can post directly from then on.

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