So yesterday my number one reader sent me an e-mail and said I was being verbose. Of course I have heard the word used to describe me many times.

If you were like me and didn’t know the exact meaning, here you go.

  1. using or expressed in more words than are needed.

He is right. I can be verbose. Yesterday I was. I should have just written about the 15 best small cities, why we liked the ones we have visited and asking which ones you have visited and why you liked them. Instead I kept going back and adding stuff and writing asides. Sorry about that.

I tend to write the way I talk. It’s conversational. And those of you know who me, know I talk a lot.😀  And what makes things worse is that  I type about 100 words per minute. When I get going—I get going. Ask Kathleen. She always looks over and asks, “What are you typing about now?”

So I will do my best to be a better editor. I promise. Less is always more. See you tomorrow. Have a super day!

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