Standing Room Only!

IMG_1554.jpegJust a short post tonight. From time to time at the agency we have a Cruise Night. The means that a representative from one of the cruise lines comes in with all kinds of cool info about their line. We had our first one about a year ago (our buddies Bob and Judy came all the down from BC for that one)  and we had about 15-20 people attend. It was pretty cool. We have had about one a month for the last year. The attendance goes up and down but last night was a first. We were standing room only.

Viking Cruise rep, John Jerkovich did an outstanding job telling us all about Viking river cruises and Viking ocean cruises. Viking is known as THE river cruise company (well known from their sponsorship of Downton Abbey on PBS) and now they are totally into ocean cruising with six ships currently sailing and more than 10 planned in the next five years.

If you live locally, you should stop by our next Cruise Night next Tuesday night at 6:30. The topic is The Galapagos. Marilee Syme from Celebrity Cruises will join us to talk about their brand new (it launches in May) Galapagos-only yacht (really—a yacht) that you can sail on. If you are interested in coming, you can RSVP by clicking here. It’s always a lot of fun and there’s wine, goodies, door prizes and more.

5 thoughts on “Standing Room Only!

      1. Certainly, but comparing apples to apples, (personal levels = dem 🍏 🍎 😆) –

        A first time cruiser or someone without “status“ is very likely come to the conclusion Viking are more expensive, outright.

      2. Yes, a first time cruisers would look at the bottom line and say, “WOW, that costs more.” But a good TA would add it all up for them and say, “Here’s the final cost of your vacation…like all gratuities are included.”

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