A follow up to my frustrations

Frustration2If you read my last post, you know that I had a problem with a client who I suspected would have me a do a bunch of research about her cruise and then take her business to the C word—Costco. If you missed it, it was quite the “verbose” diatribe about Costco travel. You can read it here if you missed it.

Well I am thrilled to let my reader know that she called me back and specifically asked me to find out more. So I put together a couple of great cruise tours out of Vancouver for her with a super cruise line that has been in Alaska for years. If you missed it, the cruises were for her parents who are from Japan and two of their friends.

Today I sent her an answer she had not asked for. I contacted the White Pass Railroad on her behalf (the cruise excursion you MUST do if you go to Skagway) and asked them about Japanese translations of their narration. Found out that they have it along with a printed copy of most of the narration in Japanese as well. I sent it on to the client and told her that once we had arranged the cruise, I would set up the entire thing for them. She was very impressed. I resisted the urge to ask her if she thought that someone from Costco travel would do that for her. Because they wouldn’t. I also checked visas for her to make sure that her parents and their friends would have no problems going into or out of Canada.

Lastly her parents asked why we had them sailing out of Vancouver instead of Seattle with a ride up on the train. Besides the fact that they wanted to do a one-way cruise tour so they could see Denali National Park, I put together a page on why I believe that to really see Alaska, it is better to go out of Vancouver than Seattle. If you are interested, you can grab it by clicking here.

I try as hard as I can to go above and beyond for all my clients and friends…or as I think of my clients…my friends.

Expectation is the mother of all frustration. —Antonio Banderas

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