Calm…and then crazy

crazyCalmThis travel business is strange. At least compared to the other side of my business life. In the yearbook world, things ebb and flow through the school year and after 38 years in the business, I knew exactly what to expect at any given time of the year.

In travel, you just never know. And so much of it just happens with no rhyme or reason. Two weeks ago I spent the week in the office and had a few people actually looking for travel. Then last week, really nothing to do until all of a sudden Thursday hit and a client/friend from South Carolina called and he and his wife have now booked for this summer to Alaska. Then one of my favorite local clients called and wanted me to do some research for him into cruises that go up the Amazon river. This is something I hadn’t done before and was really pleasantly surprised to find so many options for them.

Around the same time our a friend’s sister-in-law sent me a request for a Norwegian cruise to the Western Caribbean in January and a good friend/client we met on Celebrity Summit last fall who lives in Minnesota e-mailed for a travel insurance quote—which we got set up for him. So the last few days have been crazy busy. That’s how this business seems to go for me. One minute calm with nothing to do and the next minute, totally crazy.

One thing that did come from this whole thing is how full ships are right now. Especially in prime season. The example I can use is this summer going to Alaska. If you want to take your family to Alaska on a cruise ship, there aren’t too many great options out there for this summer. Your best bet is to book now for next summer. Keep that in mind. I have said it before and I will say it again, BOOK EARLY!

The truth is you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Life is a crazy ride, and nothing is guaranteed. —Eminem


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