Woeful WiFi

I want to apologize to everyone who is anxiously awaiting my Icelandic posts but the WiFi onboard is horrid! I can barely upload a single photo let alone the more than 200 I took that I love. I should add that this slow WiFi is probably not the ship or cruise lines fault but rather the fact that everything must go through satellites and we are so far north that the connection is faulty.

So please bear with me and know that I have been writing and will post all of the rest Saturday, Sunday and Monday from our great internet connection at home.

See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Woeful WiFi

  1. Bob

    Interesting. I assume you guys are a bit further North than Skagway Ak. Which in the scheme of things is not even as far North as the BC Yukon Border. Skagway is the furthest that your (ours too) next Cruise ship goes and RCL has had all sorts of issues with their wifi to the point of refunding. Was some talk of not even selling their “ New” packages.
    I await your personal return for a slide show. 😇

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