Day Four and More!

So I have some questions but first day four. (In fact I am going to answer the questions in the next post so I can get this one online. Sorry to give you so much to read but there is so much happening.) We are still having an amazing time. How amazing a time? Well the route we are traveling on this week on Flora is called the Outside Route. It hits certain islands. Celebrity (by direction of the Galapagos National Park) must have two different routes with alternating schedules. So to tell you how much we are now enjoying this trip we were actually discussing at lunch coming back in the future to do the Inner Route. When we had dinner with the Captain and the Chief Engineer they both told us that their favorite island was Bartolome and it was on the Inside Route. So maybe we have to see that. 😁

On day four both our tours were on Isabella Island, the largest of the archipelago. Here’s today’s schedule:

In the morning I chose the long walk and Kathleen chose the short walk. I should also tell you that as you can see they also combined both of those with an “extended tender ride” which meant that after our long walk we took the long way back to the ship stopping to take pics at very slow speed. We saw so much. BTW: The “very rocky trail” was hardened lava. And since this was dry landing we had to get off on lava and we stayed on it for almost the entire way. Most of our “long walks” are about two miles but over very rocky trails. The lava varied between types but no matter which type it was (and I know what the types are but I can’t spell them. I will see if I can find Ellen our resident (for our cruise) scientist and get the rights ones.).

One other thing I want to say before I drop in the pics is that so far, this was my best day photographically. I took a photo which I consider my second best shot ever. See if you can figure out which one it is. Those of you who follow me on FB and Insta already should have a good clue. Remember, if you look at these photos on a computer or a tablet, you can click a photo and use your arrow keys to go through a slide show at full screen.

See you soon with answers to your questions and about food! And then I will tell you about day four’s afternoon excursions.



11 thoughts on “Day Four and More!

  1. Julie

    I was guessing that your new 2nd favorite photo was the landscape at the beginning of this post. I smiled when you identified your new second favorite, because that is my favorite in this blog entry as well. So glad you were able to see flamingos in the wild. I’ve only ever seen them in the wild in Florida and am looking forward to seeing them in the Galapagos when my husband and I go later this year on the Xploration. You have seen boatloads and more of wildlife!!!

  2. Ok, I never saw Flamingos 🦩 swimming before! Great photos, and another reason to not slip on lava rock is the presence of cacti 🌵 I don’t want your trip to end!!!!!

    1. Don’t worry Susan, I am only up to the morning of day 4. And we haven’t even gotten to day seven here. I will be posting for at least another week after we have left just to catch up. Stay with me. I have to stop doing the day and talk about the food because after all, this is a cruise.

      1. Oh, I am anxiously awaiting each day’s post… good thing I ‘subscribe’ to your blog and receive an email when there is a posting. Right now I am able to respond almost as soon as you post…. hmmm, no, I am not stalking your blog 😎

  3. Carells

    Love the flamingos! My guess for your favorite was between your actual choice and the second of the two flamingos and their reflection in the water! Such an enjoyable and interesting travel experience…Thank you for taking your “fans” along!!!

  4. Looks like you are having an incredible time and I for one, fully appreciate the work in putting these posts up when time is limited. A BIG thank you from me. 👍🏼

  5. Bob

    Its the one that’s missing from the clickables… or. The crack and feet. Love the birds.
    Keep em coming.

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