Going again

I bet you thought I died…or worse. But we are still here. And tomorrow, we leave on a two-week vacation that will find me posting a whole bunch. First, we are headed to Southern California to spend the night with my brother and his family in San Juan Capistrano. Then Tuesday, we head further south to San Diego, where we board Celebrity Cruise Line’s Millennium for a cruise back up the coast to Vancouver, BC.

On the way, we have stops in Santa Barbara, on Catalina Island, two days in San Francisco, Astoria, Oregon, Seattle, Victoria and finally Vancouver. And of course, I will be writing all about it and posting photos, so watch for my daily posts. I am happy this cruise has a couple of sea days, so I will do some posting and photo processing on those days. Hope you enjoy coming along.

But the real reason I haven’t posted in more than a month is that we are moving. And so we have been doing all the things you do to get your house ready to sell and dealing with all the fun of buying a new one. So I hope you will excuse my absence, but now it’s time to travel again. See you soon.

5 thoughts on “Going again

  1. Mike and Dianne … 8120 …Lost in Italy

    Yay! More travels. Looking forward to meeting you and Kathleen. We’re joining your tour in Seattle and Victoria.

  2. If it hadn’t of been for Instagram, I might well of thought you had passed on. 😂
    Safe travels and I look forward to hearing how it all goes. Good luck with the house move too 👍🏼

  3. Susan

    Ekk! I finally have your mailing address and you move 🤣 Have a wonderful visit with family and cruise up the west coast.

  4. What did I miss? Well, for one thing, you’re moving. To where and why? You’re sailing again and for that I’m thrilled. The Bellomo Foursome are out and cruising. Enjoy!!!

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