Short and sweet note on the way the media covers travel

We who travel get REALLY TIRED of all the doom and gloom out there about travel. In the last few days pretty much every story I see about travel has to do with airports that are too crowded, COVID on cruise ships, flight cancellations, people jumping overboard, trains being late and so much more. It is hard to find anything positive about travel, especially since the start of the pandemic.

Those really get to me because then I start to get worried about our trips that are coming up. Will we get to go? Is my throat feeling sore? Do I have COVID? Will I test positive? Will our luggage be lost? Will our flight get canceled? The negative news just wears me down.

Today though I saw this on Facebook and I had to share it. It was a comment on a story on “the end of river cruising.” That the drought in Europe means that the rivers are all going to dry up forever. Here’s what one amazing person said and I wish I had said it:

I so wish people would be excited with a news story that said something like this:  5,670 planes landed today—safely. 11,340 pilots were available to fly today. 2,268,000 suitcases did not get lost or damaged. 314 cruise ships successfully went to every port and no one jumped overboard. 90% of travelers don’t have  COVID.

But sadly – these aren’t the stories the media thinks the people want.
—Facebook user Gillian

Well, I for one, do NOT want to read that. I would love to hear some good stuff. This woman got it right.

7 thoughts on “Short and sweet note on the way the media covers travel

  1. Carells

    You’re right Jim. I agree. Though there were a few travel “glitches” on my trip to France this year, it was essentially a safe and non-eventful trip. I arrived and returned safely without loss of luggage or life!!! Kudos to Air France!

  2. Similar comments pretty well across all components of what is called “News” these days. I’m not sure “News Media” is what it should be called at all.

  3. Susan MacGregor

    Some positive travel news from the media would be wonderful to read. Having said that- it is now midnight in Caledonia and we have arrived home with our luggage (not unpacked yet 🤣) and I will comment that the best airports for getting your luggage to you quickly were Seattle and Anchorage. It was 45 minutes at Toronto tonight and they had 4 flights on one carousel! Good night all 😴

  4. Excellent post and thank you for sending out the positive vibes. A great friend and I are in Iceland, arrived Friday morning. Flight on time out of LAX, luggage made it safely and we had our tour leader waiting right outside the terminal when we arrived in Keflavik. We’ve had nothing but cool, breezy weather and full days of sunshine so far. Keep the positive coming!

  5. Heidi

    Totally agree Jim! Positive comments are vital for us all.
    That being said, it is good to hear actual information on the news that is helpful even if negative. For instance while we were in Amsterdam in May, we heard that the airport was extremely crowded and delayed. So we headed to Schiphol earlier than normal the next day. Glad we did! It took us 4 hours total after standing in line to check bags, through security, passport control, then to our gate. If we had not known, we most likely would have missed our flight.

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