I need to RANT!

I am going to go off on a RANT right now and come back with some happier thoughts about Kotor, Montenegro later. But here goes.

Right now, I am LIVID at Viking. LIVID! PISSED! TICKED! MAD AS HELL! 

As you know from yesterday’s post, my wife had food poisoning. We knew it was food poisoning because no one else in our party of six was sick. No one else on the ship is sick. Four of us have been traveling together for almost two weeks, I have been at her side for almost 25 years, and not one of us is sick. It is NOT a virus. She was feeling great this morning. We went to Mamsen’s for breakfast and had one of their wonderful waffles. Then we went back to our stateroom to get ready to go into Dubrovnik. My bride decided that she would go down to medical to see if they had any Imodium. She didn’t feel she needed it but thought since we would be in town, it would be a good preventative. So off she went while I got ready for the rest of our day.

Half an hour later, she came back from the medical office, where she told me that as soon as she asked for the Imodium, a nurse started asking her questions but would not listen to her answers. The nurse barely spoke English that my wife could understand, but she did not want to hear a thing when my wife tried to blame her illness on swordfish served in Manfreddis. Instead, she sent her back to our stateroom with two things—2 Immodium tablets and a quarantine notice to stay in our stateroom for at least 24 hours after her last symptoms. Not for COVID but just for gastrointestinal problems. As I said, she felt great. She only wanted the Imodium as insurance. They would NOT LISTEN TO HER because (I assume) she was blaming it on the ship’s food.

When she told me this, I have to say that I BLEW UP! I went to guest relations and talked to a woman whose badge said she was the head of Customer Relations. She took down everything I said. I asked her why a nurse could make this kind of diagnosis without listening to my wife, without hearing that she and I have eaten just about everything exactly the same except the swordfish. As I mentioned, if this were a virus, the rest of our party and I would surely have contracted it by now. My wife has had food poisoning before, and it is very different from the flu or norovirus. This was POOR medical care. Why is it that medical personnel will not listen before they make this kind of decision? Is it because they heard about food poisoning and that we would blame them and want compensation? We don’t and we didn’t. So instead, they ban someone to their stateroom and make them miss a port or two. Sadly, during this entire 21-day cruise, the only places we had never been before were these three ports, and we were really looking forward to seeing them.

And not only did they make her suffer this indignity, but the nurse gave her a major lecture that if she broke quarantine and stepped outside our room, we would both be thrown off the ship. Then she got a nasty form letter with the same admonition. The letter also stated that if she did as she was told and didn’t make any other trouble, we would not be charged for the medical office visit, but if she stepped out of line, we would be charged for everything they did for her.

Since then, I have been out and about on the ship (I was NOT quarantined—it shows how stupid this policy is) and have heard of at least three other people who ate the swordfish and got sick. When I asked if they went to the medical office, they said, “No! We don’t want to get quarantined.” Well, my advice from this day forward is this: If you get sick and you aren’t dying, stay away from the medical office. They will punish you—for poisoning you.

OK, my rant is over. I am back to working on the marvelous day I had in Kotor and in Dubrovnik. I should be able to get you those tomorrow.

You can’t fix stupid.  —Ron White

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  1. Candice Didominick

    I’m pretty sure they have protocols to follow regardless of where the gasto symptoms originated and whether it is viral or bacterial. Gastro bacterial infections can be passed on to others in certain circumstances. Sounded like they are erring on the side of caution as much as that sucks. Although, they were rude and should have explained more about all this and been more polite about it. All that said, I hope Kathleen is feeling better and I’m sorry that you missed the new to you ports. So frustratingand disappointing. P.S. I’m packing my imodium even as we speak. Thanks for the heads up.

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