About Jim & Kathleen

Well here we go. In January 2017 we (myself and my bride Kathleen) decided (another story altogether) to get into the travel business as travel consultants with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers in Redmond, Washington. In May 2020 we left the Redmond office and transferred to the Bellevue office which suits our taste better.

As the year progressed there were many, many, many times I wished I had had a place to write down some reactions, some thoughts or some comments on travel, on the business of travel, on cruising, on all kinds of things. It took me a year but here it is. Someplace to…get myself into trouble.

I hope that you will find this interesting and come back every so often.

If you truly want to meet us, our family, read about all our trips and our take on Seattle then click here to see our personal website.