My Photographic Portfolio—Europe

This is a portfolio of what I consider the best photography I have taken in Europe. I have been meaning to add this page and its three companions, my Best Photos, my United States  photos and The World Except for Europe (non-Europe) photos, for quite some time. We love Europe. And when we are there, I take a ton of photos. And I love so many of them. I broke them down by country in the places where I took quite a few and one gallery of every place else.

One other thing; just like I always say when I put a photo on a daily post if you click the first shot, you can scroll through with your arrow keys or by swiping, and you can read the captions…and PLEASE…don’t look at my photography on a phone. Please…


Italy was the first country we visited in Europe way back in 2002. It was our 50th birthday present to each other. We have been back a few times since then and with my Italian heritage, it holds a special place in my heart. Besides that, it has some incredible people, places and things to take photos of.


If Italy is the country of my heritage, Kathleen’s is Scotland. And to be honest, I love Scotland as much as I love Italy. We have visited three times and have plans to go back next summer. So many great things to shoot including the greatest performance I have ever seen, the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

The United Kingdom and Ireland

We have good friends in Leeds, England, so that means we love going to the UK. And right after we saw them last, we were off to Ireland, so I am including both beautiful places in one gallery.

The Netherlands

When you fly from the US, your gateway city is often Amsterdam. We have been there twice, and it is one of our favorite places. We have taken tours outside the city and trained up to Rotterdam. And we found the best hotel in the world, The Banks Mansion. Can’t wait to go back. Amsterdam is in my top five cities to visit.

Spain (or really the Costa del Sol)

We first visited the Spanish Costa del Sol in 2009 and we loved it. We went back again in 2022 and loved it just as much. I got great photos both times. We are looking forward to seeing Madrid in 2024.


We were in Iceland on the longest day of the year (and a few other days, too), and we saw so much that was highly photogenic. Especially the waterfalls. So much nature to take pictures of. It was truly an amazing photographic experience.


We have been to Greece twice. Once to the islands and once to Athens for an extended stay. Found both to be great places to take photos.


Never thought I would say this, but our one stop in Kotor, Montenegro, was a photographer’s dream. From our sail-in on Viking Sky to the nighttime shot, it was awesome.

The rest of Europe

We have kind of been all over Europe—Croatia, Denmark, Turkey, Belgium, Romania, Ukraine, Estonia, France, Finland, Russia, Sweden and Monaco. These are some pics from those travels. I will put the places in the captions.