My Photographic Portfolio-The United States

This is a portfolio of what I consider the best photography I have taken in the United States. I have been meaning to add this page and its companions, Europe, The World Except for Europe and My Best Photos,” for quite some time. This is divided into geographic area slide shows.

One other thing; just like I always say when I put a photo on a daily post, if you click the first shot, you can scroll through with your arrow keys or by swiping, and you can read the captions…and PLEASE…don’t look at my photography on a phone. Please…


I am going to start where we live. The largest group in my portfolio and where we start all our travels from. And these are travel photos because sometimes I like to act like a tourist in our home state. If you haven’t been here yourself, you should plan to visit. Washington State is an amazing place. We have mountains, deserts, islands, urban areas and rural areas. All within an hour’s drive.


We used to go to Oregon all the time. We love Portland, I lived in Eugene, and we love the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, but we haven’t been there in at least a year, and that was just on the Oregon Coast—once with our grandkids and once on a cruise ship. I have still taken some photos I love while we were there.


This is the state we both came from. It’s where my brother still lives, and we go and see him and his family more than just about anyplace else, especially during the pandemic. So I have taken a lot of pictures there over the years. From their hometown of San Juan Capistrano to my hometown of Palm Springs to Kathleen’s Bay Area, we have pretty much been around the Golden State.


We’ve been to Alaska nine times. All on cruise ships. That means we have seen the whales, the glaciers, the seals, the bears and the coastal towns. There’s plenty of opportunities for great photography.

The Southwest

One of the places we like to visit (because it is a cheap and short plane ride) is the  Southwest. There is a lot we like there. Seattle Mariner spring training, Sedona, my high school best friend Randy, the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas and just about everything (especially the Balloon Fiesta) in New Mexico.


We’ve only been to Utah once, but it was quite the road trip with many things to shoot. Mostly it was our amazing National Parks. Here are my three best.

The South

We don’t travel a lot in the South, but when we have, I have found it to be very photogenic. From Charleston to New Orleans. In fact, it was in New Orleans that I took my best photo ever. It’s the first one below.

The Northeast

Most of my favorites from the Northeast are from Canada, but a few are from our trips to NYC. We truly love visiting the Big Apple, and I love taking photos there. But to us, New York City is like Las Vegas. Once every five years or so is enough. Lastly, I know that Chicago is not in the Northeast, but I wasn’t going to create a slide show with my one Chicago photo, so now it is.