My Photographic Portfolio–The World (except for Europe)

This is a portfolio of what I consider the best photography I have taken outside the United States. I have been meaning to add this page and its three companions, my Best Photos, my United States  photos and European photos, for quite some time. This is divided into geographic area slide shows.  Since we have been to (at our current count) 38 countries, there are a whole bunch of photos in here. Don’t worry; I didn’t divide them by color. I did it by region.

One other thing; just like I always say when I put a photo on a daily post if you click the first shot, you can scroll through with your arrow keys or by swiping, and you can read the captions…and PLEASE…don’t look at my photography on a phone. Please…

British Columbia, Canada

Our best friends in the world, Bob and Jude (and now Judy), live in Chilliwack, BC, so we have spent a whole lot of time there. And I have taken a whole lot of photos. It’s one of our favorite places to visit.

The Rest of Canada

Let’s get the big galleries out of the way first. We love Canada. We have so many incredible friends who are Canadians And we spend a lot of time there.  Visiting Tim and Perry in Toronto, a quick trip to Alberta,  and we’ve been to the Maritimes and Québec as well. And some of my favorite photos were taken in “America’s Hat.”


We have been from Singapore to Hong Kong and loved every inch of it except the heat, humidity, a guide who hated Americans in DaNang and one of the worst gondola rides in history (I still have nightmares about it). Other than that, it was an awesome trip.

Down Under

Again, another single visit. We sailed from Auckland to Sydney and stopped all along the way. Great sites in both places but Sydney has to be the most photogenic city in the world.

Latin America

We haven’t been too far south, but we have visited Ecuador, Columbia, Panama and Mexico. Not our favorite place to go (too hot and humid), but I have taken some photos I really like.

The Caribbean

We are not big fans of the Caribbean either, but a whole lot of cruise ships go there, so we have done our fair amount of travel in that sea and I have taken some photos I am fond of. One thing I will give those islands, they are colorful.

The Galapagos Islands

I saved the best for last. No place we have been has been more exciting and incredible than the Galapagos Islands. We spent a week there sailing on Celebrity Flora and words can’t describe how amazing it was. And what a photographers paradise as you will see.

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