Remember your trips by smell?

Saw this on Reddit today:

Buy a small bottle of perfume you have never tried on before going for a vacation and use it for while you’re there. At any point after your vacation, you get a sniff of it, it brings back those memories instantly.

I love that idea but don’t wear perfume, so all my vacation smells are about food. How about yours?

2 thoughts on “Remember your trips by smell?

  1. Susan MacGregor

    You are right Jim, scents do bring back memories! you could try a cologne or aftershave but I would suggest before purchasing that your lovely wife approves.

  2. Food, sounds and smells of a given location.

    Like chlorine in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland or early morning dew and cinnamon Churro same location; a seafront near a harbor, or, particularly relevant this week – car horns and smog 😮

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