Galapagos Day 3—So much to see, so little time

Every day gets better and better after the day one hiccups. This has gone from a cruise that was not making me happy to one of the best traveling experiences of my life. But I do have a warning if you are planning on sailing on Flora—it is exhausting. I have never been so tired on a trip in my entire life. You have seen our daily schedules (Day 3 is below) and I can honestly say that if you do everything (and you HAVE to do EVERYTHING) you will be so worn out at the end of the day you will literally pass out when your head hits the pillow. You know the old joke about needing a vacation from a vacation? Well, this is that vacation.

Here was our schedule for Day 3 on Flora

Every morning we are up between 6:00 and 6:30. I am normally a person who likes to shower in the morning but on this cruise I have already taken two showers by the end of the day—one after the morning excursion and one after the afternoon excursion. Mostly to get all the sand and sunscreen off but also because on some of the “walks” (hikes in real life) can you leave you very hot and sweaty.

This morning (actually two days ago) we started with a wet landing at Point Cormorant on Floreana Island. I am not sure if I explained what the difference between wet and dry landings is, so here goes—besides the obvious you need to know that the Zodiacs that Celebrity uses are amazing pieces of machinery and they are custom built for the Galapagos. On the front there is a set of steps that you use to get off and on the ship. I had seen that in photos prior to coming but I will be honest that I had no clue that when you got off the ship on a beach, that the area just to the right of the steps goes down so that you can step right off the Zodiac. When we do a wet landing it is just that. Your feet get wet as you step off. On a dry landing you are normally going to step off onto rocks that are about level with the top of the steps of the Zodiac. This means when we have done a wet landing I wear Tevas so they can get wet and when we do a dry we are usually doing a longer hike so I wear my hiking boots. BTW: Those are the only shoes I have with me on this trip and that seems to be all I need. I usually go to the dining room and everywhere else on the ship in the Tevas and save the hiking boots for hiking.

On Floreana we had a “long easy walk” from one side of the island to the other to one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Unfortunately there is not a lot of swimming off this beach as we could see a bunch of rays swimming in the shallows and there are sometimes Galapagos sharks just offshore. The naturalists told us that neither of those species is aggressive but if you step on ray by mistake you will get stung and it may put you out of capacity for a day or two.

On the way across we stopped to see and hear about a number of both geological and fauna related facts. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned on this trip. And I have not been disappointed yet on any of our excursions. There was a large lagoon that we hoped to see flamingos in but it was not to be. I have to constantly remind myself that this is NOT a zoo. Animals and birds move where they want to but there are plenty of them and the naturalists know where to go to find them if they aren’t where they are expected.

One thing that I haven’t shown you yet is how close you can get to the animals. Some people have commented on FB or Insta asking how far away I was and what kind of lens was I shooting with—it must have been a long zoom lens. In most cases the animals or birds were within a few feet of me. For instance, yesterday I posted the first photo below of two albatrosses doing their courtship dance. I was pretty close when I took it. About as close as the people in the second photo. And the animals and birds just don’t care. Only the smallest birds scurry away. Albatross, blue-footed boobys, Nasca boobys, marine iguanas, land iguanas, sea lions…all just stay right where they are and you have to walk around them. (Keep in mind that in a browser you can click these pics to see a larger view.)

Some other amazing sites I was able to see during our morning excursion to  Floreana included these shots.

Amazingly enough, this was just our morning. Seriously. Wait until you see the afternoon. Coming soon to a travel blog near you.

Again, please forgive the typos as Kathleen just doesn’t have time to proof them before I put them up. And ask questions if you have them.


8 thoughts on “Galapagos Day 3—So much to see, so little time

    1. Susan, I thought our British Isles was punishing but this one is all in. Walking on cobblestones in Europe is rough but try lava rock or worse, WET lava rock. Every day my feet are killing me and I have really good boots. But every step has been worth it. Every one.

    1. I shot them today. Along with a video. Can’t get anything when we land because you can’t have a camera or a phone in your hand when you get on or off. In fact by the time I get off onto land, I haven’t even gotten a camera out of the dry bag. But I do have a shot of them getting off the ship.

  1. Carells

    Happy to hear your experiences are now living up to your expectations…Thanks for explaining about on the pics to enlarge them!!! Very helpful! Continue to enjoy, and “hi” to Kathleen…

  2. Lorraine

    I’m so happy to read that this trip is finally living up to your expectations. We’re on the July 25th sailing, so by being on the 4th sailing I’m hopeful that all the kinks will be worked out. Am I correct in assuming that sitting on the balcony at night is something I should tell my husband will not happen? He was adamant that we have a balcony.
    How are the stars at night?
    How cold is the water? Have the snorkelers mentioned this? We’re Floridians and I’ve packed second skin so I won’t be cold. Is this necessary?
    I wish I were there with you!!!!!

    1. Hi Lorraine,
      Thanks for all the questions. I promise to answer them all in tomorrow’s post. Right now I have to get to bed (after an awesome dinner with new friends) so I can get up at 6:00 to take another long hike. 😀

  3. Mike Preisman

    So glad that this adventure is now exceeding your expectations. Looking forward seeing you and K on Monday. It’s hard to believe that you only have two days left on the ship. One week cruises are just too short.

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